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Knit Finishing Techniques 0

Knit Finishing Techniques

We all get a little nervous tackling our first sweater project. But once it’s all done we can take a deep breathe and say “I DID IT!”  But what about finishing? I love making...

Craft with Craftsy 0

Have you ever taken a Craftsy course?

Currently I’m in the midst of a pretty great class on “grafting” which was free, on Craftsy. “Grafting” if you don’t know is when you make two knitted pieces of material look as if...

Brightly Dyed Wool Hanging From Roof of a Shop 0

Knitting Art – Brightly Dyed Wool

Share your passion for yarn and knitting anywhere in the house! This beautiful photograph taken in Marrakesh, Morocco would be a perfect addition to your home or office. Travel to a beautiful wool shop...